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Dairy is Scary

Why Dairy is Full of CRAP

Yes Hello Folks, it’s that time for me to talk about how bad dairy is, and how the dairy industry is full of crap.

I used to be a hardcore dairy consumer until about 6 months ago when I read that if I stopped eating dairy, my skin would clear up (It did, completely.) It also cleared up my whole system. I instantly felt lighter (lost 5 lbs., for real) and my digestion changed. I cannot believe how much better I feel now that I don’t eat dairy. This led me to read as many books as possible and to research everything I could about the dairy industry and how dairy affects our systems. So here is a bit of fun info…

T. Colin Campbell, is an American biochemist who specializes in the effects of nutrition on long-term health. He is a Professor of Nutritional Biochemistry at Cornell University (not too shabby). Him and his crew of scientists lead the China-Oxford Cornell study on diet and disease (known as the China Project). This study explored the relationship between nutrition and cancer, and heart and metabolic diseases. In a nutshell, this study found that when we eat animal protein (meat, dairy, eggs) it creates and causes cancer in our bodies. Real Sexy. There are many thousands of studies on the detrimental affects of dairy, these are just naming a few.

This study found that casein, the animal protein found in milk was one of the leading culprits of the cancer causing proteins. Casein helps cows to develop into 1000lb animals with huge bones. It is also such a strong binder that is has been used as an ingredient in woods glue. (yay! Let’s drink)

If the fact that milk makes you big and causes cancer isn’t enough, dairy has now been found to cause harm to your bones, not strengthen them as we are told to believe. In a 12-year Harvard study of 78,000 women, those who drank milk three times a day actually broke more bones than women who rarely drank milk. Similarly, a 1994 study of elderly men and women in Sydney, Australia, showed that higher dairy product consumption was associated with increased fracture risk. Those with the highest dairy product consumption had approximately double the risk of hip fracture compared to those with the lowest consumption. 

Long scientific story short, milk is acidic to your PH levels (which is bad. You want your blood PH to be alkaline, not acidic, but that is a whole-nother blog post for another day). In order to neutralize your PH because of the dairy you ate, your body LEACHES calcium from your bones! Hence, the corolation of increaseed bone breakage and fragility with dairy.  (Check out this Live Strong link on foods that leach calcium from your bones

So we have dairy which is bad enough for you, but hmmm how can we make it worse? Despite opposition from scientists, farmers and consumers, the US currently allows dairy cows to be injected with recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH), also known as recombinant bovine somatotropin (rBST) (so sexy!). Developed and manufactured by the Monsanto Corporation (grrrr, EVIL), this genetically engineered hormone forces cows to artificially increase milk production by 10 to 15 percent. Gross!! The USA is pretty much the only country in the world still using growth hormones! Europe and Canada were intelligent enough to ban the use of rBGH because of concerns over human health and animal welfare. Good for them, now it’s our turn.

How does this  growth hormone affect us? Milk from rBGH-treated cows contains higher levels of IGF-1 (Insulin Growth Factor-1). Humans naturally have IGF-1, and increased levels in humans have been linked to colon and breast cancer. This growth hormone has been linked to causing severe mastitis in the cows (mastitis= a big NASTY breast infection where pus and blood secretions go into the milk). To treat mastitis outbreaks, the dairy industry relies on pumping the cows full of antibiotics on the regular, to try to lessen the likely-hood of infection in their utters. 

The dairy industry wants us to believe that milk “does a body good.” But who decided that? They post ads of sexy women and celebrities drinking milk, so that we associate milk with sexy bodies/money/success/Beyonce/athleticism and so on. In psychology this is known as “Classical Conditioning.” Training you to associate one thing with another, even though they may be completely unrelated. We can teach a little kid to be afraid of a white bunny for no reason at all, just as we can train America to associate milk with being sexy, rich, strong and fabulous.

Who says we need more calcium? Who says milk does a body good?-The dairy industry does, because they want you to buy their product. It’s not researchers or leaders in the medical field who are telling you to buy milk and claiming that is is good for you. When we see a milk poster, we assume that milk is good for us because they are saying that it is, and we assume that someone has done research and knows more than us and knows that it’s good for us. Well they have done the research on milk and all things point to not eating it. Putting Beyonce next to milk is not research. (To the left, to the left, with the milk)

The cancer causing casin, freaky growth hormones AND nasty antibiotics are all offered to you free of charge and make their way into your digestive system when you eat dairy! Your welcome!

So what can we eat instead of dairy then? Almond milk, rice milk, hemp milk and coconut milk products! Try them! They are not as scary a they sound! (Soy milk and other soy products are a NO, NO. Soy is highly mucus forming in the body, and majority of soy is genetically engineered. Soy depresses our thyroid function and soy is one of the foods most heavily contaminated with pesticides. So stay away from soymilk, unless you want a raging case of acne, cause it’s been known to do that too.)

So here’s to questioning what we are told to believe, and to truth mustaches! Next time I will tape almonds to my upper lip and make an almond mustache. Get ready.